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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Medical Transcription - Free Downloads

Finding good training materials for medical transcription is tough and finding them for free is even tougher. However, aims to provide training materials for medical transcription for free and these can be downloaded directly on to your PC by clicking on this link Transcription resources & indexes. It offers a variety of useful information and resources that can be downloaded and read. These transcription resources are completely free.

All Orthopedic Tests - Lists some of the tests that are very hard to figure out in audio dictations.
Cancer Drug Index - Is a useful resource for finding out cancer regimens and doses.
Clinical Sign Index - This resource is excellent both for knowledge and during transcription.
Commonly used Cancer Regimens - Again this is an extra tool for transcription of Oncology audiotapes.
List of Eponyms in Medicine - Most transcriptionist's have an extremely difficult time hearing them and spelling them out. This is again a great resource to have on your PC.
Other Transcription Resources - Here you can download other information such as abbreviations, CPT codes, Merck Manual, Laboratory tests and many more...
Surgical Instrument List - This is good for those who are transcribing Surgery audiotapes.
US State List - Good for the outsourced MT jobs.
US City Index-State Wise - Again good for the outsourced MT jobs.
The 206 Bones in Human Body - Hey! How many knew that we have 206 bones in our body.

So if you are a beginner in medical transcription and have craving for more knowledge and skills, download these resources to help you in your jobs.


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